Brainspotting; a unique therapeutic treatment for Trauma, Complicated Grief and all brain-based emotional disorders.

David is the only trained Brainspotting Therapist in Ireland, trained to level 2 by the founder and trainer of Brainspotting, David Grand, PhD.

Every health care professional encounters treatment situations in which physical symptoms cannot be separated from their emotional or psychological correlates. Traumatic life experiences, whether physical or emotional, are often significant contributing factors in the development and/or maintenance of most of the symptoms and problems encountered in health care.

Issues like Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Complicated Grief and Anger are just a few of the Emotional Disorders which are successfully treated using the Brainspotting approach to Brain Based Psychotherapy.

Brainspotting provides a neurobiological tool for accessing, diagnosing, and treating a wide range of somatic and emotionally-based conditions.