Counselling should be relatively short term and focuses on current personal difficulties; however, clients have informed me of attending years of counselling with no apparent benefit to them in their daily life.  I specialise in Solution Focused Therapies like CBT and Reality Therapy to assist clients immediately with their difficulties, lasting on average 3-6 sessions.

Psychotherapy can be a longer process, looking at the emotional difficulties that we can experience from time to time.  It is then a decision of the client if they wish to embark on a longer process.

Difficult emotional issues require specialist approaches to assist you in dealing with uncovering the distressing issues at hand.

  • Trauma, PTSD.
  • Personal Crisis, Bullying in School, Home and the Workplace, Confidence Issues, Self Esteem,  
  • Eating Disorders, Self Harming.
  • Relationship Breakdown, Separation, Divorce.
  • Depression and Anxiety, OCD, Trichotillomania.
  • Bereavement or Loss, Suicide ideation and tendencies.
  • Terminal Illnesses, Cancer Diagnosis, ME, CFS.

These are just an example of some of the difficulties that may require a deeper exploration.