David started his training in Eating Disorders in 2009 with Dr Christopher Fairburn the developer of a specialised form of CBT to address Eating Disorders in Adults and Children, today David is continuing his training and will attend : The Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford, this is headed up by Christopher G Fairburn – DM, FMedSci, FRCPsych

Welcome Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
I have recently updated my skills online and this was augmented by a week’s Specialist intense training at the Centre for research on Eating Disorders in Oxford London.

This form Of CBT-E is designed to address:

i. Cognitive behaviour therapy for bulimia nervosa (CBT-BN)
ii. Interpersonal psychotherapy for bulimia nervosa (IPT-BN)
iii. Transdiagnostic CBT for eating disorders (CBT-E)
iv. Cognitive behavioural self-help for eating disorders (guided and unguided).