Do you, your child or Teen suffer from an anxiety disorder, Behavioural Difficulty, Eating Disorder or Self Harming ?

Children with anxiety problems may or may not act like anxious adults.

"Kids are more likely to have physical symptoms from anxiety disorders. They have stomachaches or headaches; sometimes with vomiting or diarrhea. But they can also look very worried, very stressed, and can have panic syndromes just as adults do."
 David's unique approach when working with kids and teens allows him to get to the root of the difficulty very quickly, Mind & Body Solutions have a very high success level with all anxiety based difficulties. eating Disorders by there nature can be can be very debilitating for the sufferer, however David's success in this area is very impressive with major improvements after the first session ( SEE CLIENT REVIEWS ON WHATCLINIC.COM).
Parent Text after 1 session: Hi David, Sean is a different Man since I brought him to you, he is much more focused and is in such good form, many thanks Mary.
"I hate to see young kids in distress, so in general 1 session sorts the issue, but max 2.  For teens it can be up to 3 sessions depending on the complexity."


Mind and Body Solutions is one of the most effective, private psychotherapeutic clinics available in the East and West of Ireland today.  With his vast knowledge and experience David, using evidence-based approaches, ensures an efficient and effective solution to your difficulties.