Therapeutic Yoga: So different to your normal Yoga class.

Therapeutic Yoga @ Mind & Body Solutions focuses on our clients needs, Gentle Yoga movements, Pranayama, Meditation & Relaxation has proven over time to help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue & depression.

We understand why clients have come to our practice:
Through listening, questioning,and observing, We take our first step towards supporting our clients in reducing and managing their stress & anxiety,
Yoga movements designed to calm the body & relax the mind are chosen and modified to suit individual needs,
Combined with pranyama, relaxation and meditation we allow our bodies to gently build strength while working to heal our nervous systems and mental space.
Class numbers are limited to 8 /10 to allow for maximum benefit.
Courses run for 5 weeks & classes are 1.25 hours long.
Suitable for complete beginners.

Our Aim:
The purpose of our Courses / Classes is not about teaching yogic techniques,
Our emphasis is on enabling our clients take on the challenges,stresses and strains of everyday life with a new positive outlook.
We look forward to welcoming you to our purpose build Yoga studio 
to experience for yourself " The difference small changes will make for you "

One clients experience of our class:
Thank you Della for introducing us to Yoga. Really enjoyed the classes and got a lot from it. You are amazing, you have a lovely presence about you. I have always come away relaxed, exhilarated and look forward to our next 5 weeks with you. 💕😘