It's Counselling, but not as we know it!

Mind and Body Solutions is one of the most effective private psychotherapeutic clinics available in the East and West of Ireland today.  Using his vast knowledge and experience David ensures an evidence-based effective solution to your difficulties.

You may have the commonly held belief that counselling is a slow drawn out process.  This can be the case, however, David's unique approach delivers a solution-focused and effective therapy to all clients.

Some clients may avail of a longer process but this is a rare exception and in general client sessions last between 3 and 6 sessions.  .

We are able to provide this unique service because our Training, Treatments and Clinical Practice is based on the evidence-based research model.  Before we embark on a training course we ensure they are research-based with proven outcomes.  We only use evidence-based treatments which have been proven to work under strict clinical trials and we run our clinics using evidence-based clinical assessments, monitoring  and feedback criteria.

3 - 6 sessions! Short-term specific focus, designed to get you back on track.  It's talking, but it's solution focused!  Assessment, goal setting, strategic planning.  Value for money, as you are getting Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching and NLP all rolled into one effective session.

Is what you're doing today getting you the result you want?

If not, contact David @ 085 7637059.