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Child and Adolescents Therapy

Working with young people is both immensely challenging and inspiring.

They’re naturally inclined to meet life with passion, seek out new experiences and ideas, and are unafraid to break the mould.

At times, this might dismay the adults in their lives… But it also means the right intervention can cause an immediate shift in their understanding of what is possible.

Even a single sentence can have positive impacts for years down the track.

It can give a young person a foothold in pursuing their dreams, the faith to believe in themselves when they feel no one else does, or the strength to stay the course when the road gets rough.

David is trained in Reality Therapy which suits Children and Teenagers very well, its Solution Focused and Practical so results are seen very quickly.

David has also trained with World Renowned Dr Louise Hayes here in Ireland and online from Australia.

Dr. Louise Hayes and Dr. Joseph Ciarrochi are psychologists and leading experts on the topic of developing psychological strength and flexibility in children and adolescents. Together, they created, an accessible model for applying acceptance, mindfulness, and positive psychology principles with young people.

David’s therapy with Children and Adolescents is a short-term model (unless a trauma is present) as David doesn’t believe they need long term therapy as they are very resilient and adaptable.

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