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I am a mother of a teenage girl who was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Our GP suggested we contact David before going down the road of in-house treatment. She was nearing 6 stone at the time and nearly 17 years of age. David spoke, at length, to us before seeing our daughter initially. Thereafter, we saw him every week for some time both with and without our daughter. No topic was off-limits! He was honest in his approach to us all and while very difficult at times, we stuck rigidly to his plan in going forward. I won't say it was easy but everything he told us was true, honest, genuine and sometimes heart-breakingly hard to hear and view. It was sometimes a game of one step forward and two steps back but with time, everything he told us transpired to be true and frightfully accurate. It was clear to us he had much experience in this area.
Now I'm getting to a healthy weight and more importantly, I'm enjoying life again. CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. A year ago I was on the border of being hospitalized with no insight into my weight loss. Now I'm getting to a healthy weight and more importantly, I'm enjoying life again. It was hard at the start to open up but over time as the benefit became apparent. I looked forward to showing my progress. all down to your determination and committed progress throughout treatment. Severely underweight, struggling with an eating disorder and it's rigid routines, I had no quality of life. Couldn't socialize where food was involved, Xmas was a nightmare, boyfriend struggled with my very low weight and protruding colour bones etc. Concentration was gone and affecting my career. After the assessment, we set straight to work. We identified the main components of my eating disorder and set to correct them from the first session. Treatment took 5 minutes to complete which gave me ongoing support through my journey to a life without an eating Disorder and all its difficulties. My head is free now and no nagging voice to pound my head with.
I can enjoy meals with family and am like a new person. On the 15th July 2016 I made a phone call that changed my life. I did not realise that I had lost my life to an eating disorder. I knew that something was wrong I just didn't know what. After encouragement from my family to seek help I reluctantly looked for a number. I called David and he picked up. I briefly explained why I called and David was so kind and was ready to help me as soon as I could get to him. He understood more than I did the enormous courage it took to take this step. I walked into his office that first day and did not know what to expect. This was not my first attempt to get help. David was open and honest he explained what he does and what he expects of you. I was scared I had been in the depths of despair for so long. I was clinging on to life literally I was so ill and I couldn't see it. If you are looking for help to beat an eating disorder you are going to the right person. I was not aware what the eating disorder had done to me. I couldn't go 5 minutes without thinking about food how to not eat how to not put on weight. I couldn't sit down for more than 2 minutes without thinking get up your lazy your fat when I was seven and a half stone. I had no energy none of my clothes fit and I literally was chocking with anxiety every time I ate. For the first time in years I was honest with someone about what I was doing. I felt I could trust David. He listened and discussed how he would help me to fight this awful illness. It was going to be six months of intense cbt based therapy. I would have to be totally honest and accountable to David for what I ate and did. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy because it was the hardest thing I had ever done. I wanted to get better but I literally had to fight myself every minute to get there. I could not have done this without David. There is no judgement just clear and honest support. David only asks one thing that you show up. Keep showing up. For six months I showed up and bit by bit I started to come back to life. In July 2016 I was 29 and scared of chocolate, pasta potatoes pretty much living on ham, porridge, gluten free bread. I was coeliac (out of convience) lactose intolerant. It's now December I have a new lease on life . I can enjoy meals with family and am like a new person, I stood on the scales and was disappointed I hadn't put on more weight: I was a shadow person when I called David. Six months later I have my life back and I have David to thank for that. If you are scared lost and like me the living dead stop and call David it's going to be hard but nothing is harder than making that call because you are ready the person on the other end of the phone is going to wake you up and give you back your life. Make the call and save yourself. Life changing
I felt I had finally met someone who understood me and my condition Thank-you David - For the first time in a long time i feel like my old self again, After years of medical intervention and lots of telling myself " I dont need help - sure I'm fine", I was constantly ignoring what was going on for me and just getting on with it ( As we do !) - Thankfully somewhere in there I picked up the courage to call David & make an appointment , I was a nervous wreck dialing his number, but from the moment he answered I felt at ease - from there on began my road to recovery. At my first meeting with David I felt i had finally met someone who understood me and my condition, I walked out of his clinic feeling confident with his help i could win the battle with my eating disorder, The road was often very difficult, emotional and draining but the end results are well worth the work and commitment required, I'm a much happier & stronger person as a result , My eating habits no longer control me and life in general is good - i know David is at the end of the phone if needed and i would have no hesitation calling him for any problems / issues that may arise for me in life - I highly recommend if you are struggling - you pick up your phone and call him - You will have no regrets ! "I'm back in control of my life ! " - I'm so happy i picked up the courage to ring and make an appointment, I have no regrets. From the moment i met David i felt confident i could win the battle i was trying to fight alone !
I am extremely grateful For the first time in several years, I really feel that I am on the road to transforming my life and this is down to the wonderful guidance of David. Having attended other counsellors in the past, this is the first time I have actually perused sessions and I realize now that this is mainly down to David and the comfortable, warm and empathetic environment he creates. David is highly professional in his teaching, from which I am learning useful and realistic techniques and strategies to apply to my everyday life. David shows a genuine interest and concern in his clients and he too does his homework between sessions and for this care and attention I am extremely grateful. I would highly recommend David to anyone seeking help, advice and guidance. I can finally see a brighter future ahead.
Very pleased with my experience. I found David extremely empathic to my needs, yet challenging me to find the solutions to resolve the issues presented. My experience was that in a very short period I was challenged to take the necessary action and make the necessary contacts to help with the issue I raised. I felt respected and supported by him also, yet was delighted to discover that his honesty and professionalism meant that therapy finished as soon as he felt we had achieved what we could together and I was in contact with other people who could assist. I would recommend him to a friend as through him I've learned many coping skills which other counsellors didn't seem to be able to teach me.
I brought my two young adult sons on separate occasions to David for help with performance anxiety. Both gained insights into their problems that have left them much more confident about situations that previously seemed threatening. I regard David's service as an invaluable resource for parents.
I went to David shortly after experiencing a panic attack. Straight away, I was put at ease and he gave me the tools to manage everyday stress/ anxiety. After only a few sessions, I could feel the benefit and what David offers is very practical. He is an exceptional listener and would go as far as to say it is the best money I've ever spent. 5 stars.
I was having continuous issues with depression and a mother who eventually succumbed to cancer late last year. Add to that continued problems with my family, covid, pressure at work and little sleep I was at my wit's end. My counsellor David went through each part of my life and helped me enormously to find a path. I have a strong marriage and a loving family and friends but struggled to raise my head above water at times. Each session helped me in different ways. I know that I have to be positive like I used to be. I need to move on from my mothers passing even though I couldn’t go to her funeral. I recommend David as someone who sees the issues and lets you see what you can and cannot control over time. I will call him whenever I’m in trouble.
I suffer from social anxiety and David is very friendly easy to talk to. I had a few sessions and my anxiety has reduced dramatically, I would highly recommend David. I just wish I went to see him years ago.
There are times in the year where I feel I need "help". To sort through stuff in my head or to make sense of what is going on, and David is amazing for working through that. The best decision I ever made going to him, he's straight-talking, breaks it all down, and gets to the point. Nobody has helped me as David has. Amazing to talk to..
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