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Yoga Therapy

Yoga, Mindfulness & Relaxation at Mind & Body Solutions offers the Yogi a quiet & serene space to step back, take a deep breath, relax & unwind in our purposebuilt yoga studio

We opt for the smaller group (10 max) where there are no One size fits allclasses are modified to suit all levels, ages and needs

At Mind & Body Solutions we run courses rather than dropin classes, Each course term runs for 5/6 weeks

We believe commitment to the courses has a positive effect on mental health

The Yoga terms help with decreasing and managing stressassist with relieving anxiety, improve hearth health, breathing, flexibility and balance

Mood, sleep and overall quality of life improves with continued practice

Combined with Mindfulness our courses bring each yogi a new perspective on stressful situations

Help them build the skills to manage daily stresses and anxiety

Makes us more selfaware and gives us space and time to focus on the present.

in the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga and honoured to have visited Mysore , India pre Covid to study and practice Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of the living legend in Yoga BNS Iyengar now 94 years of age

Whether you are on the hunt for your inner voice or just trying to connect with yourself, Yoga is one of the most important daily activities that will change your life forever

For bookings / course details contact Della on 086 – 8047000

Some recent yogi reviews:

"We really enjoy Della's class, Her style of teaching is so relaxing, yet you still come away that you have worked every muscle, she provides a beautiful calming space for her yoga."
"Pre Covid the highlight of my week was attending Della's class, she is an excellent yoga teacher, paying special attention to each of her students, offering advice to help you perfect each pose, the yoga studio is a place of zen & spotlessly clean, look forward to returning soon."
"Yoga with Della is truly amazing, I have been doing yoga with Della for two years and thoroughly enjoy her method of teaching, as well as the atmosphere and all in her class, Della gears the level of yoga down to suit our ability, but we are also being stretched a little bit further every time. Della radiates a warmth to us all, we have lots of laughs, my favourite part is the relaxation at the end, its truly special, and after a hard day's work I am full of energy going home."
"I attended Yoga with Della which was an exceptional experience. The amazing yoga room, low numbers and expert guidance from Della was superb, practicing yoga & mindfulness is now part of my daily routine."
"I've been going to Della's yoga classes for a number of years, her classes are small and the tuition is excellent, She expertly and gently guides you through many postures. The studio is an inspiring and peaceful space, exactly what's needed, I always love the yoga classes here, she is such a great teacher and lovely to learn alongside others too."
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